Detailed Instructions for Online Booking

*~*~*~*~* 24 Hr. cancellation required*~*~*~*~*

Privately Owned & Independently Operated

Accommodates only 1 client at a time!

All Nailed Up By Dana does not share any personal client information to anyone!

All appointment and client information is kept on file through and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Note: Online booking maybe difficult. Always check for and read your confirmation email after you think you have successfully booked an appt. This page is designed to better assist you and to avoid showing up at the wrong time or day for an appt. that has been booked incorrectly or not booked at all. If you have issues booking online  


*If you are having problems loading, make sure your computer firewall is off and use Google Chrome on a landline computer.

*If you have a voucher/printed coupon, please book the correct service that matches the same service printed on your voucher. 

*If you are not able to get an appointment during a time that works best for you, continue to book your appointment and then add yourself to my waiting list.

1) Click BOOK ME.

2) Select what DATE & SERVICE. It will then show AVAILABLE TIMES in blue/green boxes. (GRAY MEANS NOT AVAILABLE).

3) Please SCROLL OVER THE BOXES. You will then notice curtain boxes highlight AS YOU SCROLL over them. (depending on the length of the service you had selected is depending on how many boxes will highlight at one time).

4) Click what highlighted time you want to reserve.

5) Click BOOK IT once the screen pops up. Continue to fill out the pop up boxes as it finishes getting your info.

6) Check your email RIGHT AWAY for confirmation of booking. Check the details to make sure the information is correct. If you do not get a confirmation, then your appointment was not properly booked and you will need to try again or contact me! [email protected]


1) 24 hour Notice Policy: Please give 24 hr notice to cancel or reschedule unless weather pending issues!

*If you have a voucher and No Call/ No Show, your voucher is forfeited COMPLETELY and considered redeemed.

   *If you have a voucher and do not follow within 24 hour Notice Policy, you forfeit the PROMOTIONAL value and is now worth the PAID value only. Anyone that chooses to use the voucher will be expected to pay the remaining balance plus tax at the time of service.

2) Voucher Policies: 1 voucher per Client, if expired the paid value can be used towards other services.

   *If you have already bought an extra voucher you can give it to a friend and keep FULL value.

3) Gift Certificate Policy: You can not use gift certificates towards tipping.

    *All Nailed Up By Dana Gift Certificates never expire.